04Jul 2018

The majority of Australian’s have only seriously considered bankruptcy when playing a game of Monopoly with their mates! In spite of this, there are roughly 13,000 individuals that file for bankruptcy each year in Australia. It’s astonishing how rapidly individuals can go from enjoying a balanced financial position to confronting a mountain of debt. In […]

26Jun 2018

Nobody likes to look into bankruptcy, which is understandable considering that bankruptcy will bear upon your financial condition for years to follow. This may be one of the reasons why individuals don’t seek financial guidance in times of need, because they are under the common misconception that bankruptcy is the only way to address their […]

21Jun 2018

Whether we understand it or not, our credit report has a notable impact on our lives. It’s kind of like our health; we don’t appreciate good health until we lose it. Most individuals don’t even learn that they have a poor credit report until they make an application for a line of credit and it’s […]

06Apr 2018

Most of us have a decent understanding that weddings can be a costly pursuit, but do you actually understand how much the average wedding costs in Australia? Slightly over $36,000, based on Australia’s Money Smart website. And that was in 2012! These days, it’s most likely somewhere around the $50,000 mark. I suppose if you […]

30Mar 2018

There’s no question that hitting your 30’s is a significant milestone for us all. Whilst some of us may have embarked on a new career, bought a house, or even started a family, this decade of our life has a serious financial impact for the years to come. For the majority of individuals, our financial […]

23Mar 2018

There’s no doubt that your 20’s is a very enjoyable stage of your life. There’s a jittery but exhilarating feeling about becoming an adult, moving out of home, and being financially self-reliant. Whether or not you kicked off a career, a university degree, or spent time traveling the world and gaining life experience, your 20’s […]

16Mar 2018

We all pass through times in life where money is tight. Fortunately for us, there are a number of expenses that we can quickly eliminate, for instance cable TV, gym memberships, and dining out at restaurants. On the other hand, there are other expenses that we simply can’t avoid. Debt repayments, rent and school tuition […]

26Jan 2018

In today times, saving money is a goal that every person wants to achieve, though generally it can be a difficult task for most people. Mortgage repayments, bills, groceries, and everyday necessities add up quickly, leaving most families with little to no savings. Being able to save money and enhance your life appears to be […]

12Jan 2018

Congratulations! You’ve successfully fulfilled your 3 year period of bankruptcy and have been discharged, so now what? You’ve undoubtedly taken the appropriate measures to address your financial difficulties by filing for bankruptcy, and all your debts are well behind you now. Having said this, there’s still a good deal of work required to get your […]